ETLC Mission Statement

My mission at ETLC is to assist and educate my clients with their landscape design dilemmas in an affordable and professional manner, to produce an environmentally-friendly landscape that suits the client's needs, create an environment that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment for the client as well as all Mother Earth's creatures great and small, and re-acquaint the client with the wonderful experience of the great outdoors.

Theresa Schrum

Founded in 2001, ETLC was the brain child of Theresa Schrum and Shannon Pable who wanted to provide their clients with alternatives to the "cookie-cutter" landscapes so pervasive in residential and commercial designs. Often these landscapes contained non-native invasive plants that caused damage to nearby ecosystems as well as plant material not suited to our soil and climate. We wanted to offer our clients landscapes that were easy to maintain, drought-resistant and environmentally-friendly by using suitable native plant alternatives.

For 8 years until her move to Montana in June, 2009, Theresa Schrum could be heard every Saturday morning with Walter Reeves on Atlanta's AM750 WSB Radio "Lawn and Garden Show" from 6-10 AM.

A fourth generation gardener, Theresa has a B.S. in Biology and an M.S. in Healthcare Administration. She is the past president of the Georgia Native Plant Society. She is also an International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist.

Theresa has written for Georgia Gardening Magazine, the bi-weekly Georgia Gardener Newsletter, Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine and other publications including newspapers, and TV.

Theresa is also a member of the following organizations:

Contact Information

Theresa now resides near Bozeman, Montana. You can reach her by email or phone at 404-805-4183.

Shannon Pable still continues her landscape design and Certified Arborist practice in Atlanta. You can reach Shannon through her web site.

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